I want to find the way am I

Sometimes I can fell
that I’d be able to fly
And nobody knows what pain feel I
and I close my eyes,thenk ‘baut the life

How could u do it?
What aim was yours?
I can only feel it
But nobody knows..

I open my eyes..Who could do it?was u?
I dream in my nightmares?but I don’t love u.
U broken my heart and u crashed all my dreams
But I will survive,though so hardly it seams

U came to my mind and I couldn’t stand
But everuthing happened and not how I planned..
U raised my mood,I got bright as the sun
But when I believed u-u easily run…

I never believed men and never I would
But u made me do it…U told that I should
I started to do it..I started to live
But what shall I do?U’re going to leave..

U lifted me up and u pulled me deep down
I can’t it believe and I feel upsidedown..
U managed to kill me..But why was it u?
I know how u told me the words «Don’t love u»..

It’s almostly clear,we won’t any stand
I feel,heart in tears,u won’t understand..
U know,it’s not easy,u know,it’s unfair
But I’ll survive and won’t need u as air!

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