Broken me

When my heart goes broken
And stars do not shine
The darkness Earth covers
And angels do cry

I open my pocket
And get one-pence coin
And give it to people
To whom was not going

I wished it had happened
But wished not with me
For sure it had happened
But was it with me?

The spring is not coming
So how to forget?
I felt I won’t suffer
But already..yet

So nothing has happened
Just heart missed a piese
I hope that the sun
Will burn everything this.

The winter is leaving
It’s leaving with you
Please,leave me a photo
And I may miss you

You came over crossings,
You woken me up
And now disappeared..
Please tell me:what’s up?

You shouldn’t explain
Explain to me
But you should feel blame
And it is with me.

For ever and ever
For so many years
You must have remembered
That nobody cares.

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